Expozine 2022

1025 Bélanger (Église Saint-Arsène), métro Jean-Talon, accessible ! Join the Facebook event here.

With nearly 200 publishers and self-publishing authors and artists taking part, it’s the place to discover unique and rare publications of all kinds: literary, poetic, artistic, political and uncategorizable! Expozine is a super diverse and dynamic book fair, showcasing countless new novels, zines, magazines, essays, comics, graphic novels and art publications from across the continent and abroad.

To celebrate Expozine’s 20th anniversary, there will also be:

Expozine 20th anniversary gala, Friday December 2, 19h-00h, Anteism, 435 Beaubien O. www.facebook.com/events/1350831622411865

The ARCMTL Archives Show, Wednesday Nov. 16, 16h – 19h, ARCMTL, 6600 rue St-Urbain local 306  Facebook event.

Here is a list of the exhibitors who took part in Expozine 2022: