The Expozine Alternative Press Awards Gala were held at Divan Orange, 4234 St-Laurent, on Friday, May 15 2015, 18h – 22h.
Hosted by our illustrious Master of Ceremonies, Jean-Luc Bonspiel, followed by a free concert at 10 p.m. marking the 10th anniversary of Distroboto at Divan Orange, with : Cocobeurre, Nancypants, Nutsak.


The finalists and winners are:

English Book

Hyena Subpoena, Cat Kidd & Jacky Murda, Popolo Press / Wired On Words

Lands of Trickster, First Nations Tales, collective work, Possibles Éditions

Distance Mover, Patrick Kyle, Koyama Press

New Tab, Guillaume Morissette, Esplanade Books / Véhicule Press

Chloes, Dean Garlick, Lodge Press

Photobooth : A Biography, Meags Fitzgerald, Conundrum Press

Lands of Trickster, First Nations Tales, collective work, Possibles Éditions

Beautifully produced and illustrated set of native tales printed in English, French, and native languages such as Cree and Innu, these stories entertain and humble, impress with timelessness and with the craft taken to put it all together.

HONOURABLE MENTION: Photobooth: A Biography, Meags Fitzgerald, Conundrum Press. Essentially a book-length fanzine passionately devoted to an obscure topic, filled with great comic art; what could be more Expozine than that?

English Comic

Art Comic, Matthew Thurber, Swimmers Group

Bird in a Cage, Rebecca Roher

Carcajou, Iona Fox

Dumb #4, Georgia Webber

Excess, Peter Audry

Silent World, Carlos Santos, Édition Trip

Bird in a Cage, Rebecca Roher

In 20 pages that look quickly drawn with a dulling pencil, Rebecca Roher in her comic book “Bird in a Cage” manages to absolutely immerse me in her family and make me care deeply about her grandma and her struggles. The simple lines reveal much more than they have any right to, and the nuanced expressions on the entire cast are absolutely perfect. I can’t wait for a future collection from this amazing artist. Congrats!

English Zine

City Carriers, Tang-Wei Hsu, Éditions Trip

Encyclopedia of the Heart, Bekky O’Neil

Fantasy Art Now, various, compiled by Jay Issac & Sebastian Frye, Swimmers Group

Silent Stories Untold: Uncovering the REAL Stories Vol. 1, Anonymous

The Last Time, Zoe Maeve

Way, Montreal Theosophical Society

City Carriers, Tang-Wei Hsu, Éditions Trip

Vivid and astonishing, Tang-Wei Hsu’s City Carriers finds metropolises in the mundane, and the mega in the micro. As an example of pure bravura drawing, this zine is deliberately simple, almost in direct contrast to the complexity of its content. Its mindblowing bugs and cockroaches sunk their pinchers into me and didn’t let go. Congratulations!

Livre francophone

Lumière crue, Moyens fakirs de Joliette, Bouc Productions

En attendant les pompiers, Mathieu Latulippe, Moult éditions

Igor Grabonstine et le Shining , Mathieu Handfield, Éditions de ta mère

Petite peste & Le castel, Julien Dupuis, Mba Omb

À force d’imagination, collectif, Lux

Carcasse d’occident, Antony Lacroix, fond’tonne

En attendant les pompiers, Mathieu Latulippe, Moult éditions
Une présentation seventies, pastichant un paquet d’allumettes, une poésie qui fait tout sauf se prendre au sérieux mais qui sous des allures clownesques trace un portrait assez frappant de notre quotidienneté et de ses dérapages

BD francophone

Raghurajpur, il pleuvait des pétards, Valérie Jacques – Bélair

Minimax, François Donatien, Colosse

Chronique du Centre-Sud, Richard Suicide et William Parano, Éditions Pow Pow

Ça vole pas haut, Antonin Buisson, T B Éditeur

Cher Charles, Nico Las, Sabotart

J’aime les filles, Obom, L’Oie de Cravan

Chronique du Centre-Sud, Richard Suicide et William Parano, Éditions Pow Pow

Un travail colossale de mémoire, une description drôle mais combien tragique du pathos de ce quartier bigarré de Montréal, de ses habitants laissés pour compte et où la bière et la pauvreté embrassent tout ce qui s’y frotte. Un portrait magnifiquement illustré.

Fanzine francophone

Les dix plaies de l’être, Julien Binette-Fontaine, Les Éditions de la Tournure

Amida, Geoffroy Delorey, Coopérative d’édition en Jachère

Relâchez nos cadavres, Pascaline J Knight et Andréa C. Henter

L’attaque vol VII, Collectif, Coupdgriffe

Histoire numéro 9, Shushanna Bikini London, Lucile Production

Les Bêtes d’hier, Camille Rosset-Balcer, Amz Anger et Katarin Laruelle, Quand la beauté s’en va la bête reste

Les Bêtes d’hier, Camille Rosset-Balcer, Amz Anger et Katarin Laruelle, Quand la beauté s’en va la bête reste

Fanzine complet par son contenant et son contenu, des propositions revendicatrices, historiques féministes et écologiques le tout présenté sous la forme d’un magnifique assemblage fait main. Typographie sous presse, sérigraphie et matériaux divers traduisent de façon sensible la ligne éditoriale proposée par le collectif.

Mention spéciale à :
Amida, Geoffroy Delorey, Coopérative d’édition en Jachère
Une présentation magnifique et un texte poétique d’une grande force ou l’amour de l’autre emporte avec lui les doutes pour laisser place à la grandeur de la vie amoureuse.

What Are the Expozine Awards?

At the Expozine small press fair last November, the organizing team asked each of the more than 270 exhibitors to submit a copy of their best new publication for consideration for the Expozine Alternative Press Awards.

The Expozine Alternative Press Awards consequently recognize only the best of the publications that were available at the Expozine Small press fair. It is not a definitive award recognizing the year’s best alternative publications, given that there are very many excellent publications from Montreal and elsewhere that were not represented at the previous edition of the Expozine fair.

The fact that most of the publishers, authors and artists that participate in Expozine present very original publications – often self-published, hand-printed or bound, or in new or unusual formats, the Expozine Awards jury considers both the originality and quality of the production of the publications, as much as they consider the content. By choosing six finalists per category, the jury can recognize the impressive range of different publications submitted.


Given the sheer variety and originality of publications sold at Expozine, it can be a challenge deciding what category a given title belongs to.

That said, we believe that the categories of best book, best zine and best comic are flexible enough to accommodate most of the publications submitted.


Can include literary, artistic, cultural or socio-political magazines; self-published publications (often produced by the author(s) or artist(s), can be photocopied, hand-printed or hand-bound), often includes a mix of graphics and text, collages, etc.


Generally perfect-bound with text or graphic content, normally featuring a narrative (novel or graphic novel) or a thematically related series of texts or graphics (anthology, essays, artists’ books etc.)


Comics essentially present stories, satire or jokes through a series of drawings or graphics usually mixed with text and presented sequentially. At Expozine, most of the comics are of an artistic or alternative nature, often published by the artist(s) themselves. There are generally not any comics of the “superhero” or “manga” variety or comic books for children, given that there exists a number of other fairs, such as the Montreal ComicCon, that focus exclusively on those genres.

The Expozine Alternative Press Awards Gala is sponsored by the Conseil des Arts de Montréal, SODEC, the Drawn and Quarterly bookstore (211 Bernard W.) and Librairie Le Port de Tête, 262 Mont-Royal E.