Each exhibitor was asked to submit one publication, and the winners were chosen by an esteemed panel of judges out of the hundreds of publications submitted at Expozine 2008. The prizes were awarded at the Expozine Alternative Press Awards Gala on March 3 at Casa del Popolo in Montreal.

The winners of the 2008 Expozine Alternative Press Awards:

English zine:

Lickety Split #7,

Taking the genre to a new level. Guilt free and fun smut for everyone!

English comic:

Welcome to the Dahl House, by Ken Dahl, Microcosm Publishing,

This comic is a great throwback to a kind of lost style of cartooning–adept, scratchy, MAD magazine (Mort Drucker or Jack Davis) drawing servicing hilarious, anti-establishment satire.

Special mention in the category:

Kieffer #2 by Jason Kieffer,

English book:

Words the Dog Knows, by J.R. Carpenter, Conundrum Press,

With fluid, unpretentious prose scattered with humour, Carpenter imparts wisdom about daily life—sometimes between the lines—in this picaresque and gentle novel.

Fanzine francophone :

Fanzine # 3, Toxico, par Delf Berg,

Tout simple et lo-tech, mais une voix originale et un talent d’auteur évident.

Bande dessinée francophone :

La Terreur Noir Pâle, Chantal Reney,

Belle présentation, original et drôle, jeux de mots réussis, constance du style visuel d’un bout à l’autre, digne d’intérêt et d’encouragement.

Livre francophone :

28 petites fables typographiques, Édition établie par Mario Rendace, Éditions du Colporteur

Pour l’imagination triomphante que ces petites lettres font naître dans le regard de celui qui s’y attarde. Un livre sans prétentions, charmeur, où l’humour s’établit à même la correspondance entre la chose imprimée et l’image poétique.

The Gala’s sponsors are:

Drawn and Quarterly,

Libraire Le Port de Tête, 262 Mont-Royal E., (514) 678-9566

The nominees :

English Zine:

English Book:

English Comic:

Nominés francophones fanzines :

Nominés francophones BD :

Nominés francophones livres :


Tom Devlin (comics) has read every comic ever printed and likes them all. He is to blame for a lot of the things that are wrong with the comics industry today. Employed for the foreseeable future, fingers crossed, at Drawn & Quarterly.

Simon Dardick (books) is, along with Nancy Marrelli, publisher and general editor of Véhicule Press, one of Montreal’s most-read presses operating since 1973.

Tyson Bodnarchuk (zines) is an artist and co-proprietor of Headquarters Galerie & Boutique, 1649 Amherst, ushering in new local artistic talent of all kinds since June 1st 2006.

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