Expozine Awards 2015 Finalists


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The Expozine Alternative Press Awards Gala will take place on Friday June 10, 2016, at La Passe ( Médiathèque Gaetan Dostie ), 1214 de la Montagne, 7 p.m. – minuit, PWYC, featuring our MC, Kiki Bonbon and a very rare performance by Montreal New Wave legends Les Boys du Sevère !
Note: La Passe is not an accessible space.

The Expozine Alternative Press Awards Gala recognizes the best publications available at the huge Expozine small press fair held in Montreal in November, 2015. The winners will be announced at the gala, where most of the 36 nominated publications will be available!
Here are the finalists for the 2015 Expozine Alternative Press Awards:

Best Zine

QPC Mixtape, collecive, Queer Print Club
BBHMM, Aitch Elle, Genevieve Darling
Bad Skin, Gabrielle Mulholland, Sucker Press
texts for body and light, Ian Ferrier, Popolo Press
Daphne, Rachel Thornton
Buoy, Montreal Issue

Best Comic

July Underwater, Zoe Maeve
Long Red Hair, Meags Fitzgerald, Conundrum Press
The Oaf, Nick Mandaag
One Minute Worries, Rick Tremblesç
Art Comic, Matthew Thurber, Swimmers Group
Pack Mentality, Collective

Best Book

Tales From a Room, Roxane Hudon, Ballz Press
Township, Ivan Fischer, The Blasted Tree
Breathing Lessons, Andy Sinclair, Esplanade Books / Véhicule Press
Lumpen, the autobiography of Ed Mead, Ed Mead, Kersplebedeb
Vallum 12:2, Vallum
Do You Feel Like Relaxing?, Scorpion Dagger / James Kerr, Anteism

Meilleur Livre

Caresses Magiques, éditrice Sophie Bédard, collectif Caresses Magiques
L’hiver Hier, Michel Garneau, Oie de Cravan
Marques Déposées Poèmes, Nicholas Giguère, fondtonne, collection 20 oz
Avant le Geste, Félix Durand et Roxane Desjardins
Lectures en band dessinée, Jacques Samson, mém9ire
Le Verbe Numineux, collectif, possibles editions

Meilleur Fanzine

Ghetto Mohawk no. 2, Avril 2015
Mon Père Ce Hongrois, Camille Havas
Chez-Soi, Myriam Bourgeois
Embrasure, Éve-Quatre
Who? Qui?, Amélie Tourangeau
Abstraction, Joel Sim
Touche Moi Pas, De Peaux En Aiguilles, Bêtes d’Hier

Meilleur BD

La Vitrine, Jimmy Beaulieu, colosse
Agalma, Stanley Wany, Éditions Trip
La Logique du Calendrier, Collectif, lalogiqueducalendrier@gmail.com
Police, Vincent Longhi, Raphaele Macaron, Fidèles Éditions / William Suisse Éditions
je vois des antennes partout, Julie Delporte, Éditions Pow Pow
Lachine Beach, Skip Jensen, Éditions Trip

What Are the Expozine Awards?

At the Expozine small press fair last November, the organizing team asked each of the more than 270 exhibitors to submit a copy of their best new publication for consideration for the Expozine Alternative Press Awards.

The Expozine Alternative Press Awards consequently recognize only the best of the publications that were available at the Expozine Small press fair. It is not a definitive award recognizing the year’s best alternative publications, given that there are very many excellent publications from Montreal and elsewhere that were not represented at the previous edition of the Expozine fair.

The fact that most of the publishers, authors and artists that participate in Expozine present very original publications – often self-published, hand-printed or bound, or in new or unusual formats, the Expozine Awards jury considers both the originality and quality of the production of the publications, as much as they consider the content. By choosing six finalists per category, the jury can recognize the impressive range of different publications submitted.


Given the sheer variety and originality of publications sold at Expozine, it can be a challenge deciding what category a given title belongs to.

That said, we believe that the categories of best book, best zine and best comic are flexible enough to accommodate most of the publications submitted.


Can include literary, artistic, cultural or socio-political magazines; self-published publications (often produced by the author(s) or artist(s), can be photocopied, hand-printed or hand-bound), often includes a mix of graphics and text, collages, etc.


Generally perfect-bound with text or graphic content, normally featuring a narrative (novel or graphic novel) or a thematically related series of texts or graphics (anthology, essays, artists’ books etc.)


Comics essentially present stories, satire or jokes through a series of drawings or graphics usually mixed with text and presented sequentially. At Expozine, most of the comics are of an artistic or alternative nature, often published by the artist(s) themselves. There are generally not any comics of the “superhero” or “manga” variety or comic books for children, given that there exists a number of other fairs, such as the Montreal ComicCon, that focus exclusively on those genres.

The Expozine Alternative Press Awards Gala is sponsored by the Conseil des Arts de Montréal, SODEC, the Drawn and Quarterly bookstore (211 Bernard W.) and Librairie Le Port de Tête, 262 Mont-Royal E.