Michel Hellman profiled on CAM blog

Just as Expozine / ARCMTL is being honoured as a finalist for the Grand Prix du Conseil des Arts de Montréal award, the Conseil is profiling regular Expozine exhibitor and comic artist Michel Hellman on their blog. Some excerpts :

“In just a few years, Expozine has become the largest fair for comic books and independent publishers in Canada. There are self-published books, comics, fanzines, silkscreen posters and discs, a real treat for anyone who is interested in Montreal’s avant-garde culture. The tables are very affordable for exhibitors (who prepare for this event months ahead of time!), so there is lots of diversity on offer. In fact there were close to 300 exhibitors last year. This event is also a chance to talk with artists and publishers in a relaxed setting. It’s a real gold mine for those who like the genre, but also for those who are just curious – which explains the growing success of this event, being held for the 13th time this fall. And then there’s also the pleasure of providing one’s support for alternative creation, which boldly thrives outside the usual boundaries.”

Hellman is also a regular participant in our Distroboto network of vending machines, having sold several hundred copies of his wordless mini-comics through these machines over the years. Keep up the great work Michel, we look forward to picking up some new material at the next Expozine!